Our Company

American Van Lines launched April 2011 in Chicago as an independent motor carrier and van line focused exclusively on relocating the household goods for our military families within the contiguous United States and Alaska.

American Van Lines is poised to be a premier transportation service provider. We offer unparalleled customer service to the U.S. Department of Defense, its military branches, their families, and all national account customers.

What Drives American Van Lines

  • Each and every owner-operator has direct access to the Chief Operating Officer.
  • Our leadership team closely monitors our current and projected“best value” scores to ensure we can continue to maximize hauling opportunities year round.
  • Our customer service scores exceed the national average; we take pride in the quality services we deliver.
  • We require our owner-operators to pack and haul. This makes our team more accountable to our customers, and satisfaction runs deeper when these relationships develop.
  • Our high-quality standards are the catalyst for our company’s growth. The goal is to increase annual move count by improving technology, reducing operating inefficiencies, managing moves during peak and non-peak periods, and partnering with professional van operators who want to contribute to growth plans.
  • Within the industry we’re known for being reliable, accountable, and providing innovative solutions that grant customers the freedom to focus on what matters most — their families.

By aligning with best-in-class professional van operators to create a powerful partnerships, American Van Lines can deliver high-quality services to customers at any point in the United States.

Service Area

Our coverage area is national, from coast to coast and Alaska. We transport household goods regionally, intra-state, and interstate. We’ve developed a robust supply chain across the country that provides our drivers with the necessary support to help them overcome any obstacles that may arise.